Wedding reception is an exceptional event in life, one which will stay in the memory of the the Newlyweds and their Guests forever.

We provide you with an air-conditioned restaurant with seats for 100 people.

Excellent menu we offer to our guests will ravish the most refined gourmets.

Grodzka Restaurant ensures private atmosphere and profesional service which guarantees success of the venture. 

We also offer elegant, comfortable rooms with 49 accomodation places.
Rooms for the Guests at discout price!

Wedding menu package includes:

  • a room for the Newlyweds
  • an old Polish greeting tradition with bread and salt
  • flower decor and table arrangement appropriate for the celebration type

Moreover, we offer service on special demand, payable extra:

  • cooking atractions: a pig roasted as a whole, stuffed with groats or a ham roasted as a whole, served by the Chef
  • additional restaurant, hall and terrace decors
  • music provided by a DJ or a band



a glass of champagne on arrival
Dinner: a soup, second dish with mixed salads
Dessert: flaming ice cream
Additionaly, three hot dishes during the reception
5 appetizers,
2 salads
coffee, tea, juices, water
cold meal sausages, roasted meat
bakery products

Appetizers and salads:

  • Herring in a tartare sauce
  • Herring a la Balaton
  • Herring in a Polish style
  • Jelly with poultry
  • Ham in a jelly
  • Egg wrapped in ham
  • Pork loin in malaga jelly
  • Trout in a fennel sauce
  • Galantine with poultry in a spicy sauce
  • Grodzka salad
  • Greek Salad (with fetta cheese)
  • Mushroom salad
  • Cauliflower salad


  • Broth with noodles or meat dumplings
  • Cream soup with mushrooms, with fried dough balls
  • King?s soup
  • Cream soup with broccoli and cheese
  • Cream soup with bolete and toasts

Second dish:

  • King?s pork loin, salads, potatoes or chips
  • Pork chop ?Swiss?, salads, potatoes
  • Poultry roll with cranberry sauce, salads, rice or potatoes
  • Chicken fillet, salads, potatoes or chips
  • Pork chop with nuts, salads
  • Roast pork, mushroom sauce, dumplings,
  • Turkey in a pesto with fennel and cheese sauce

Hot dishes:

  • Rolled beef-olives, salads
  • Chicken legs stuffed with mushrooms, salads
  • Goulash Bogracz with garlic bread
  • Beetroot borsch with a pie or a croquette, ear-dumplings
  • Beef tripe
  • Sour barley soup with white sausage and egg
  • Fish a la Greek style- chips
  • Fish a la Masuria style ? chips
  • Hunter?s stew by an old Polish recipe with a grilled rib


There is a possibility to set a farmer?s table:
cold meat sausages, cold sauces, vegetable salads - price 1000 zł